Kantar: Android Still Dominant as iOS Fights Back


When it comes to smartphones, there has for a long time been the eternal fight between Apple and Samsung, which of course can really be boiled down to iOS vs Android. Apple might be the only player in the iOS game, but Samsung is but a big fish in a big pond, as Android has always been more diverse than iOS. This flexibility and diversity has led Android to become the most-used mobile operating system by far across the globe, even taking some places such as India pretty much entirely. According to new figures from Kantar Worldpanel however, iOS is making something of a fight back though.

During the second quarter of 2016, Android took 65.5% of smartphone sales worldwide, which is a small fall from the 66.1% figure during Q2 of 2015, which might be due to the 1.3% growth year-over-year that iOS saw in the US alone. This gave Apple's iOS devices 31.8% during Q2 of this year in the United States, and 18.2% of sales in Europe. In key European markets such as France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom, iOS saw growth in all of them, with the UK seeing their largest share of 37.2%, a growth of 3.1%. This growth is likely down to the fact that many will be upgrading to the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 after being on a 24-month contract with a much smaller iPhone. As always however, things came down to Apple and Samsung, with Samsung's Galaxy S7 duo accounting for 14.1% of sales, with the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus accounting for 15.1% of sales.

Europe and the United States might have been strong growth markets for iOS, but things have been very different in China. After yet more decline, Apple is now placed behind Huawei and Xiaomi, in third place with just 17.9% of the Chinese market. In markets such as China and India. Apple is likely to become a permenant fixture, given their high price of devices and big pushes from the likes of Xiaomi and co. Regardless, it looks like the fight between Apple and Samsung is to go on for some time to come, while the rest of the Android world helps to keep iOS at bay.

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