Ibotta Offers Rewards For In-App Mobile Purchases

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ibotta is the leader in delivering interactive media to smartphone shoppers by allowing them to unlock savings offers at their favorite stores before going to the store to make a purchase, in which the consumer will earn cash back for that qualifying purchase. However, wouldn’t it be nice to offer that same cash back offer if the customer made the purchase directly over their smartphone – never setting foot in the store? That is exactly what ibotta has done – the cash back and rewards you would typically earn on an in-store purchase can now be yours if you make the purchase directly through your mobile device.

The launch partners ibotta has teamed up with include Boxed, Groupon, Hotels.com, Caviar, delivery.com, DoorDash, Drizly, Spring, and Jet to make this mobile rewards system work. Not only will the consumer earn rewards for their mobile in-app purchases, but it will be a way for users to learn about new brands as well. Bryan Leach, Founder, and CEO of ibotta explained that more people continue to make purchases through mobile apps – it is convenient, fast, and easy way to shop right from where you are…home, work, or on a break. The problem is that there was no way to take advantage of savings through in-app purchases – ibotta now allows you to unlock offers through ibotta BEFORE you shop using other apps. By going through ibotta first, then through the other apps, you can automatically earn rewards when you make your purchases.

In a recent study on mobile shopping habits, it shows that almost 62-percent said they would make an in-app purchase if some reward was offered and 75-percent said they would be more willing to try a new app if it offered rewards. The process appears seamless to the user – the consumer starts in their ibotta app and starts their shopping. Once they make a purchase, the buyer receives instant feedback about their rewards.


ibotta provides one-stop shopping that can be great for the customer – immediate rewards or cash back offers – and ideal for the app builders as it provides a way for new customers can discover their apps. Many of the partners are experiencing the benefits of this collaboration with ibotta – for instance, Groupon’s entire marketplace is now opened up to online purchases via their mobile app, drawing in more customers to connect with local businesses. Hotels.com has over 50 million downloads and thousands of hotels – allowing customers to receive in-app rewards is a great opportunity for them to offer real value to their customers. Shopping with rewards can be as easy as picking up your smartphone and buying items through ibotta’s app. No more traffic, driving, or pushy sales people to deal with – just the enjoyment of buying and earning rewards.