Hyundai Reportedly In Talks With Google, Partnership Coming?


At this point, the convergence of the tech and auto industries is practically inevitable. More and more tech firms are getting into the auto space, and automakers are jumping on the bandwagon left and right to be among the first with self-driving systems out, as well as to get tech companies' improved parts, infotainment systems, and other perks into their vehicles in a faster and cheaper manner than the competition. Over the past few months, with self-driving cars seeming to rise out of nowhere and strike fear into proud companies at the recent Mobile World Congress, among other things, Detroit has largely gotten the message; your industry is changing direction, and the tech giants are holding the wheel.

Some say that the revolution is getting to the point that going alone would be foolish, and staying relevant will require shacking up with a high-tech partner. In their case, they're in talks with Google about the future of both companies. While details are a bit on the sparse side for the moment, it's to be assumed that the deal will involve self-driving tech, as Ford's deal with Google does, and Android Auto. Hyundai is reportedly behind rivals in developing and adopting self-driving technology, and already embrace Android Auto, along with Apple's rival solution, for many of their consumer vehicles. According to analyst Ko Tae Bong, getting a deal going with a company like Google to secure their place in the upcoming convergence is a "critical prerequisite" at this point in the game.

Staying relevant in any industry can mean rolling with the punches, as former Hyundai CEO John Krafcik knows. Now under Alphabet's umbrella as the lead on the self-driving car project, speculation is running wild, in the face of a lack of much real detail, that Krafcik is going to have a lot to do with the future dealings between Hyundai and Google, as well as his division. At this point, most of what may happen is a mystery and the companies may only be talking in terms of possibilities at this point. Thus far, Hyundai, Google, and Hyundai's main partner, Kia Motors, have all been fairly silent about any current or future deals.

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