Here Are 6 Tips For All Pokemon GO Players

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Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm, gaining massive popularity since its launch. The combination of a relatively old and mature franchise with the concept of augmented reality has turned it into one of the most popular games of all time, clocking over 100 million downloads across Android and iOS app-store. And this is only the starting as Pokemon GO is still only available in 30 out of 100 markets officially. Surprisingly, even with the smashing popularity of the game, Niantic did not publish a well-documented guide for the game, and it can be quite daunting for players to level up to a certain point. Here are six tips to help you out on your journey to becoming a Pokemon GO master.

The first tip is about how to use incense. Incense is used to lure Pokemon to your location and has been popular in-game. But you do not get an unlimited number of them, and to make the best of use of the ones available, you have to walk around. According to the game files, it has been programmed in such a way that if you do not move while using incense, Pokemon will spawn in your location every five minutes. But if you walk around, the virtual creatures pop up every sixty seconds. This increases the chances of you being able to catch various Pokemon, making the best use of incense. Another tip is to catch every Pidgey, Weedle and Caterpie spawning around you. This strategy makes leveling up faster and easier, as it takes just 12 candies to evolve them each, and each evolution grants about 500 XP.

But this is not all. To maximize the XP gain during evolution, lucky eggs should be used. Lucky eggs when activated last for 30 minutes, and doubles the XP gained from the evolution of every Pokemon, speeding up the XP gain and level up process. Also, during hatching eggs, it is better to use the infinite incubator for the 2 km egg, and three-use incubator for eggs requiring as long as a 10 km walk. This allows five two-kilometre eggs to hatch while using up just one charge from the limited usage incubator. It has also been noticed that the game checks the location data every few minutes, making it more advantageous to walk in a straight line than turns. It is because the game calculates the displacement between the initial and final position.


A unique creature in the Pokemon GO game is Eevee, because it’s able to evolve into one of three different and powerful Pokemon. To evolve Eevee, you must have 25 Eevee candies. To get the evolved Pokemon of your choice, you have to rename Eevee to Rainer, Sparky, or Pyro and it will evolve into Vaporeon, Jolteon or Flareon in that respective order. These are a few of the many tips which will help you further hone your skills as a Pokemon master.