Hasselblad Moto Z Moto Mod Leaks Out Again Prior to IFA 2016


Earlier this year, Lenovo introduced a new line of Moto products, and while we were treated to a new line of Moto G devices, we also said hello to the new Moto Z line of products as well. Not to be confused with the possibly defunct Moto X line, Lenovo's Moto Z line is all about modularity, taking the original Moto Maker concept of customization further than anyone else has through the use of Moto Mods. These are basically back panels that apply to the back of a Moto Z series device and offer different functionality. So far, we've seen a Pico Projector, lots of extended batteries, different looks and styles and little else. That could change next week during IFA 2016 however, as rumor has it Lenovo and Hasselblad will be launching a Moto Mod that turns a Moto Z series smartphone into a high-end camera.

This isn't the first time that we've seen this leak out, but it's leaked out yet again in one or two more images ahead of a possible IFA launch. The Hasselblad Moto Mod is now pegged to feature 10x optical zoom as well as a much brighter, more uniform traditional flash as well as a larger sensor. The 10x optical zoom is an important spec for a camera like this, as optical zoom means that you can take photos without using digital zoom and adding noise. In a nutshell, optical zoom is the "right way" to do zoom while digital zoom is the "wrong" way to do it as it essentially more of a magnification than anything else. This new addition to the Moto Mod family is probably not going to be cheap, given the storied history of the Hasselblad name and previous price points of Moto Mods.

So far, we've seen it leak out a number of times, and all of the leaked images are down below in a neat little gallery. Whether or not this is to be announced during IFA 2016 next week is unclear, but it certainly wouldn't be a bad place for Lenovo to drum up a little more enthusiasm for the Moto Z line, especially as it launches all over the globe in September.


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