Google's Chromebook Pixel 2 Has Been Discontinued

Google has discontinued the Chromebook Pixel 2, the second generation flagship Chromebook. The source website noticed that the devices were showing as out of stock and contacted Google for an update. The reply said, "We're committed to the Pixel program, but we don't have plans to restock the Pixel 2." This model Chromebook Pixel 2 was released in February 2015 so the product is eighteen months old; a cheaper $999 version was discontinued in April 2016. Even at the end of its lifetime it is still a high-end Chromebook, but this is a market sector where the devices are known to be inexpensive. This, together with reliable and simple to administer software, are good reasons why the Google Chromebook platform has been a success in the education markets.

Under the skin, the Chromebook Pixel 2 packs an impressive specification for a Chromebook: there's a fifth generation Intel Core i7 processor, clocked at up to 2.7 GHz and including integrated Intel HD Graphics 5500. This device comes with the full 16 GB of RAM, which is as much local storage as many Chromebooks get, plus 64 GB of local storage. The lower-priced model came with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM and 32 GB of local storage. Both Pixel 2 models have a 12.85-inch, 4:3 aspect ratio, high resolution 2,560 by 1,700 pixel touchscreen display with a sharpness of 237 PPI. Google have given the Pixel C two USB Type-C ports, which is how we recharge the device and thanks to the newer generation USB fast charging technologies, can give customers two hours of use from fifteen minutes on the mains and overall can give the device twelve hours. Google's aim with the Pixel Chromebook is to "inspire the next generation of Chromebooks," although we have not seen many high-powered, 16 GB Chromebook models!

What's next for the Google Pixel team? This is a very interesting question because the convertible Android tablet, the Google Pixel C, was designed by the Pixel Chromebook team. It is also plausible that the Pixel C tablet was designed to run Chrome OS rather than Android. We've seen how Google has been recruiting into the Pixel team earlier in the year. It would appear that for the time being, the Pixel C has to carry the weight of the Pixel brand alone, but we would not be surprised if a new generation Pixel-branded device is in the works.

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