Google Wallet To Boast Automatic Transfers Soon


Google Wallet may have had its flagship feature usurped by Android Pay long ago, but it has a ton of other cool features and is still going strong, with a fairly sizable user base. One of the bigger features that keeps Google Wallet relevant is the ability to use it to send and receive money, then transfer that money to whatever bank account you may please, as long as you have the correct details. The PayPal-esque feature combines nicely with options for sending and receiving payments on a private basis, turning the service into a full-featured money management and transit system that could be all that some users need, aside from a regular checking account with a bank. For those who receive payments via Google Wallet often and always end up transferring them to the same place with the Google Wallet Card now a thing of the past, life is about to get a bit easier.

Though the feature won't go live for a while, the time frame being unannounced for now, Google Wallet saw an update roll into the Play Store today that boasted the ability to set up an automatic transfer to a bank account or debit card upon receiving money. Essentially, this would allow users to utilize Google Wallet to do business in places where using a traditional bank account or debit card is either not accepted, inconvenient, or even potentially dangerous, without having to fire up the app and make the transfer each time they receive some money.

The new feature will make Google Wallet a bit less painful to use for quick private transfers and even as a way to get paid by contract employers or buyers of your goods and services over the web, but that's not the only good thing this update has in store for users. Google also throws in the changelog, "Numerous bug fixes and visual improvements." While quite ambiguous, such an entry in a changelog is always welcome. The update is live right now on Google Play for all users, so if you would like to have automatic transfers available as soon as the feature goes live, head through the source link to install or update Google Wallet.

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