Google Hosts Smaller, Fruitier Olympics In Their App

This year's Olympic Games in beautiful Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are kicking off at 7:00PM EST, with the tech world more involved than ever before. If you can't wait those couple hours, however, you could always get a taste of the Olympic Games by playing video games based on them. If you own an Android device with the Google App, in fact, you already own one such video game. Rather than the usual deadly-serious physics simulator or huge spectacle full of star-studded names in the gaming world, however, this game features a different sort of competitor. The Olympic heroes hidden inside the Google Doodle in your Google App are actual fruits.

In Google's fruit-scented take on the Olympics, each fruit participates in a different event, each complete with its own cute mini-game. You can take to the track as a strawberry running from a giant watermelon, help a pineapple with its tennis game, watch a spider jump hurdles across the wall and ceiling with a grape in tow, play as the amazing swimming lemon, play blueberry mini-golf, watch some apples play water soccer with grapes, or play a BMX game featuring a coconut that's far bigger than his bicycle. Each game is very simple, usually only employing one or two control buttons and progressing automatically as needed. The games are rendered in a simple, whimsical art style that's hard to find fault with, which should be enough to get the point across for just about anybody.

The games are easy to access, and will last until August 21. In order to get your ticket to this year's fruit Olympics, simply pop open your Google app and give the Doodle a tap. A short, fruity intro should let you know that you've found it. From there, select your edible athlete to get going. While these minigames are nowhere near as detailed as other games based on the Olympics, they're nice little time wasters with no major issues or glitches, and should be more than sufficient for most people looking for a quick gaming fix while the Olympic spirit courses through their veins. For most readers, the game will already be on your phone, so why not give it a try? If you don't happen to have the latest Google app on your phone, a visit to should fix that.

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