Google Changes Up Allo & Duo Icons Once More

Google has recently changed up the icons for Allo and Duo once more, this time altering more than just the color of the backdrop and the text. This time around, Google's app icons carry a more streamlined look that follows the same design pattern of their other available applications, most of which are generally free of any text whatsoever. These new icons appear more simplistic in their design compared to the initial Allo and Duo icons and it's still fairly simple to tell what the icons are representing.

Instead of the words Allo and Duo pasted above the backdrops shaped like the chat bubble and video camera respectively, they now appear with the chat bubble and the video camera shapes as the centerpiece of the icon, with a colorful backdrop that fits around those shapes. Although the previous Allo and Duo icons had different colored text, the new icons display the chat bubble and video camera shapes with the same color, showing as a white and gray icon. The backdrops however now feature a different color whereas they were both the same color before. Now, the Backdrop for the Allo icon is yellow, while the backdrop for Duo is blue.

Google is no stranger to tweaking things like app icons or the color and design of their product representation, so it shouldn't be too shocking to see the icons change for these yet to be released apps. While neither Allo and Duo are available just yet, back towards the end of July it was rumored that both apps would be native default apps in Android 7.0 Nougat. It was right around this time that it was also rumored that Allo and Duo would essentially replace the Hangouts app, however, a report from a couple of days later suggested that this was not the case and Hangouts was not going to be replaced by these two new apps. While both the Allo icon and the Duo icon appear to be new, it's been said that this new icon for Duo had been spotted prior to today. Allo and Duo will likely make their public debut alongside the public release of Android 7.0 Nougat later this year.

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