Galaxy S7 Edge Dominated The First Half Of 2016


The first half of the year 2016 is officially over for almost all companies out there, with Q2 reports and earnings calls mostly already out of the way. With all of that data on the table, it's not hard for analysts to pick up on trends from the first half of the year and how they may affect the rest of the year. One such analyst is Strategy Analytics, who recently laid out a breakdown of smartphone OEMs' fortunes for the year thus far. Focusing in on the phones themselves, they've published a new report that confirms what most people were already either suspecting or thinking of as a strong possibility: Samsung has brought the hammer down on the smartphone competition through the first half of 2016, and the biggest deciding factor was the Galaxy S7 Edge.

While a normal variant of the Samsung Galaxy S7 was sold just about everywhere, the Edge variant received much more attention, eventually edging out a number of competing handsets to pull out a win for the first half of the year, even beating the wave of flagships that came from competitors' stables during the second quarter. According to Strategy Analytics' data, the S7 Edge pulled out a win in global shipments for the first half of the year with 13.3 million out the door, netting the quirky handset 2.3% of the total global smartphone market share.

Samsung really stole the show in smartphone shipments and market share, boasting the handsets in all three of the top spots for the first half of the year. The Galaxy J2 budget piece saw an amazing level of success for a budget handset, shipping 13 million units and nabbing about 2.3% of the global market share for smartphones. The vanilla Galaxy S7 posted only slightly weaker numbers, with 10 million shipped units getting the phone the third slot and 2% of the world smartphone market. They may see their stranglehold challenged in the third quarter and all throughout the second half of the year, of course; second place competitor Apple is planning to roll out their flagship iPhone 7 soon, and third place contender Huawei recently announced a massive worldwide brick and mortar expansion.

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