Galaxy Note 7 Pre-Orders in UK Get Free Gear VR or SD Card


Not too long ago, Samsung finally, officially unveiled the Galaxy Note 7 as well as a new Gear VR headset, too. Just as many of the leaks had predicted, the Galaxy Note 7 is one hell of a device and while we might have swerved the 6GB of RAM mark, with it shipping with "just" 4GB, the Galaxy Note 7 is a powerhouse nonetheless. It's the sort of device that has more than enough going for it, and while it's certainly on the expensive side of things, it might tick all the right boxes for some users. Those across in the pond in the UK however, will have deals to sweeten the sting of the Galaxy Note 7's high price tag.

According to reports, the Galaxy Note 7, which will go up for pre-order in Europe and further afield later this month on the 16th, will give users the option between either a free Gear VR headset – that's the new one – or a 256GB microSD card. These are pretty great deals, especially given the Galaxy Note 7's UK retail price of £749, which is about £100 more than the Galaxy S7 Edge launched at. This is a steep price tag, for sure, but with the inclusion of a Gear VR headset, which is now more comfortable as well as more immersive, with an upgrade from 96-degree of field of view to an impressive 101-degree field of view. Given the £79 price tag of the original Gear VR, it's likely this new one is to be similarly priced, which means that if people choose this pre-order offer, they'll get a considerable amount of value back.

The second offer is a 256GB microSD card, which is likely to be of Samsung's own brand, and while this might be quite as pricey as the Gear VR, it's still a great pre-order offer. With 64GB onboard and 256GB on an SD card, this offer would make anyone's Galaxy S7 larger than some people's hard drives in their laptops and computers. A quality offer nonetheless, this is the sort of thing that will bring in more than a few purchasers. This deal is to go live on the Samsung UK website and it's all but confirmed that all other major networks and retailers in the UK will be carrying the Galaxy Note 7, too.


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