FreedomPop Introduces 'WhatsApp SIM' With Zero-Rated Data


FreedomPop is one of those services which is gaining traction slowly but surely. One of the obvious reasons is that they put cost at the forefront of the service. In fact, the company does offer a basic SIM package which although is limited in its number of included minutes and data, it is a free SIM. In addition to those included data and minute allowances, you only pay for what you need, which further helps to keep the overall costs down. Needless to say, such services will likely appeal to consumers in any country, which is also why FreedomPop is also now starting to gain traction outside the US as well.

Interestingly, FreedomPop has today launched a new SIM offer which might be of specific interest to those who make use of WhatsApp as one of their primary means of communication. This is the company's new 'WhatsApp SIM'. In short, the big selling point is that this SIM service will whitelist and zero-out any data incurred from using WhatsApp. So whatever you bill is, it will not include any data that WhatsApp uses. This is in addition to their general free allowance with this SIM card which comes in at 200MBs for data and 100 minutes for calls. So to be clear, this is a SIM card which will provide you with 200MB of data, 100 minutes of call time and unlimited WhatsApp usage, for free.

To add to its appeal, the whitelisting of WhatsApp is not just resigned to the UK. As part of the package, FreedomPop is also throwing in roaming for WhatsApp usage in 'more than thirty countries' (mainly Europe and Southeast Asia) as well. So if you travel often and do make use of WhatsApp, then you will not incur any roaming (or data charges in general) for using WhatsApp. Providing you are travelling to one of the included countries. Of course, whether this card is of value to any particular consumer, will highly depend on their level of WhatsApp usage, but for those who do use the service, it is an interesting proposition. You can find out more about the FreedomPop WhatsApp SIM by heading through the link below.

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