Fitbit CEO Mentions 2 New Products During Q2 Earnings Meet

Fitbit Charge HR Surge AH 1

Fitbit has been one of the most prominent companies in the wearable industry. Founded in 2007, this company has come a long way to being one of the market leaders, giving other activity trackers a run for their money. And in an exciting development, Fitbit CEO James Park just dropped hints during their second quarter earning call meeting that the company was in the process of unveiling at least two new products before Christmas. Although he didn’t reveal any additional detail about the upcoming products, the emphasis on the announcement was enough to garner a lot of excitement and attention, as has happened with previous Fitbit products as well.

Although Park declined to divulge any further detail about the new products, they will likely be launched at the upcoming IFA, Berlin to be held in September 2016. The announcement resonates with the trademark filings made by the company in May 2016 under the name ‘Flex’ and Charge’. It will mark their third and fourth device to be launched in 2016, as Alta and Blaze have already been released in the first half of the year. According to a report by Wearable, the two devices codenamed Laryon and Fermion, might already be in the beta-testing phase. The naming convention is in line with Fitbit’s codenames of previous products based on sub-atomic particles, granting further credibility to the report. For the record, Fitbit Alta is codenamed Lepton.

Details about specifications of these new products are scarce, but going by Fitbit’s previous info, an updated design, and new bands make for a good guess. Fitbit’s acquisition of a mobile payment platform Coin also indicates a possibility of an integrated NFC wireless payment feature in the future. As a feature often requested, the upcoming products might also be water resistant.


Fitbit has been rapidly growing in terms of development and popularity in wearables, and the quarterly earnings report of the company prove that. Three new devices were launched in 2015 with the names Charge, Charge HR, and Blaze and they became instant hits. Fitbit has already garnered a loyal customer base, as about 40% of Alta and Blaze’s customers upgraded from other Fitbit wearables. The company reported a unit sale increase of 27%, and a revenue increase of about $187 million from last year, marking a highly successful financial quarter.