Download: Google Maps Beta With Arrival Screen & Plus Codes


Like most Google apps and services, Maps is not short of the number of updates it receives or the features those updates include. The latest of which now seems to be on its way as an update to the Beta version of the app. This update comes in the form of version 9.35 and brings with it a number of new features. One of the most interesting of which is a new arrivals screen.

In line with what you might expect from an arrival screen, when you now reach your destination using Maps, a new screen pops up detailing that you have now indeed arrived, as well as providing some more detailed information on your trip in general, like the time it took, whether that time was in line with what had been expected and so on. The screen also provides the user with the ability to create the next stage of the journey on foot Рwith the inclusion of a 'walk the rest of the way' tab. Another New feature being included is actually more of a refinement of an existing one, Plus Codes. Now when using the latest version of Maps, users no longer need to be redirected elsewhere to get a Plus Code for a location to share with others. Now once a pin in dropped, Maps is able to auto-generate a Plus Code which can be then copied and shared in the normal ways.

As well as the already confirmed new features, a teardown by Android Police also reveals that a couple of new features look set to be on their way in due course. The first and probably most useful will be the inclusion of speed limits as well as the actual speed you are driving at, at the time. While the teardown also revealed that there is likely to be some sort of food ordering ability included in a future update as well, although little to nothing is known about what this actually is, or how it will work. Weirdly and on a final note, it also seems as though there is some indications that Pokemon might make its way to the app in some form. Again, little to nothing is known about this, although an icon which looks like a Poke Ball icon has been noted buried within the app. Maybe Maps is planning on making it easier to find (or catch) Pokemon in the near future?


Either way, if you would like to check out the latest features that are included in this update (arrival information and Plus Codes), then you can download and install an APK of the latest version of Maps through the link below. Or of course, simply wait until the update reaches your device organically, providing you are signed up to receive the Beta version.

Download Google Maps Beta 9.35

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