Dashlane & Google Develop New API for Better Login Security

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When it comes to security, Google has always been on top of its game. Being one of the first to offer two-factor authentication, and now making it easier than ever to use. Google has decided to work with Dashlane, who is a pretty popular password management service, to create a new open-source API project which would give users better login security. They are also working with leading password managers for this API.

According to Dashlane’s press release, this partnership between them and Google will develop OpenYOLO (You Only Login Once). This API will allow app developers to access passwords stored in password managers to easily and securely allow their users to login to their Android apps. Dashlane’s CEO, Emmanuel Schalit, stated that “this is an important initiative for our industry and for the state of user security. Collectively, we are committed to increasing user security and believe that the best way to do this is to champion open source projects.”

Dashlane hasn’t mentioned what other password management companies they are working with, but they are working with the industry’s top companies. When it comes to protecting yourself from being hacked, passwords are the first line of defense for users. And unfortunately, many users stick to using the same password for everything. Or they use a very unsecure password – sometimes both. Using a password manager is definitely better, but this OpenYOLO API will be another big step in the right direction for keeping passwords – and thus accounts – safe from hackers and such.


Google spokesperson, Iain McGinniss stated that “Google is excited to support the launch of this project with Dashlane and help create a new open standard for app authentication. This project is part of our longstanding support of open technology standards that provide great, secure user experience to end users.” Google and Dashlane have also stated that they are looking forward to expanding this API beyond Android devices. And bringing universal implementation to other apps, password managers and platforms. This is definitely important for any API when it comes to making it a new standard. Which is exactly what Google and Dashlane are looking to accomplish here with this OpenYOLO API.