Dallas Mom Is Hiding Hand-Knitted Pokemon At Local PokeStops

The Pokemon GO craze has taken over the world. Niantic and Nintendo have released this game a while back for iOS and Android, and not even they could have predicted what will happen next. Pokemon GO managed to become a worldwide phenomenon, helping Nintendo’s stock to rise quite a bit. The game has been featured all over the news and we’ve seen tons of reports mentioning it in various contexts, some bad and some good ones, as it’s usually the case. Most importantly, this game requires you to walk around in order to catch Pokemon, and that feature alone has been hailed the most, as it gets people to actually do some exercise while playing.

That being said, we’ve covered tons of Pokemon GO-related stories, and a new one just surfaced, and it belongs in the ‘positive’ category. According to the source, a mom in Dallas, US, decided to make her own Pokemon in order to make lives a bit better for kids who are playing Pokemon GO. Once she makes one of these creatures, she leaves them at local PokeStops for children to stumble upon and grab, and that definitely not only surprises kids, but makes them happy in the process. Now, people who have stumbled upon her knitted-pocket Pokemon have been sharing pictures on the internet, and said mom became quite loved by the community for her work.

Now, on top of all this, she has even decided to share the patterns that she created to make these Pokemon, so basically anyone can access those, all you have to do is follow this link. Following these patterns, you can create your own Pokemon, presuming you know how to knit, of course. It’s always nice to see such heart-warming stories next to all the negative ones we’ve stumbled upon in recent weeks, from Pokemon GO players falling off a cliff, to some of them being shot for trespassing. In any case, we do hope that more stories like this will surface in the coming weeks, and if they do, we’ll make sure to share them with you, of course, as per usual.

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