The Cronzy Pen Can Write in Over 16 Million Colors

Cronzy Pen Main

Imagine being able to carry a pen with you that can reproduce any color, you see? Don’t feel like getting up to scan a color, no problem – you can use an app on your smartphone to pick a color using customized color wheels. You can do this and more according to Cronzy’s developers who are in the process of raising $200,000 on Indiegogo to help them bring this device to reality. It is the perfect tool for artists, men, women, and children. They claim the accuracy of the device is such that with the ink cartridge it carries, the pen can write in over 16 million colors. Drawing a picture? Writing a story? No need to carry around dozens of colored pens – one Cronzy is all you need.

The Cronzy pen is very easy to operate with its built-in “color scanner” in the body of the pen. In just a few seconds, you can scan any color you like by pointing the top end of the pen at the color you wish to reproduce. That color will then come out the tip end of the pen, and you can write and sketch in a notebook, on canvas, or even on your skin. The Cronzy will allow you to express yourself in colors that you choose in five different tip sizes – nib, 0.7mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, and a size called a ‘tip.’ With the app on your phone, you can select the desired color and its shade, save frequently used or favorite scanned colors, and even share colors with others. The pen itself comes in a silver or black color and you are supplied with a charging case, power supply, five interchangeable tips, two sets of cartridges with ink, and instructions.

There are rewards for early contributors – $100 donation will get the first 100 donors a Cronzy set, $139 will get the next 100 donors a Cronzy set, $179 will get the next 100 donors a Cronzy set, and $219 will get anybody a Cronzy set. They also have discounts on multiple sets. The team has already gone through the Project Establishment, Concept Development, and the Implementation phases of the project. They are now in the Indiegogo phase of collecting money for the Deployment phase and expect to release the Cronzy pen during the spring of 2017. Check out the video below for a complete tour.