Chrome Beta App Adds Muted Video Autoplay & New Payments API


If you use Chrome as your browser of choice on Android, then it looks like some new and useful features will be arriving soon enough. If you happen to be using the beta version of Chrome on Android, then some of those new and useful features are already arriving in the latest update. This is an update which was announced a few days ago by the Chrome team and is one that is now being reflected on the Google Play Store app listing page.

In terms of what's new, there are two notable features that are worth paying attention to with Chrome 53. The first is in regards to videos as the latest update allows for videos to begin automatic playback without the user having to do anything. However, Google does seem to be acutely aware that not every situation is one which is good for a user's phone to automatically begin video playback (like in a meeting) and so the video will only commence playback automatically if it is one which is muted by default. The blog posting on the matter does specifically note that any muted video which begins "playing sound before a user action will automatically be paused".

The other notable feature is that this update also includes support for Android's PaymentRequest API. This is unlikely to be a feature which will immediately is noted by the end user, as it will require third-party integration. However, the idea is that the feature will make it even easier to check out and pay for goods on mobile devices. As this is a system-wide feature it will be one which should work with all payment systems going forward. So will likely make the whole process of paying for good on mobile quicker and easier, which is beneficial to both consumers and retailers.


As mentioned, the Google Play Store app listing has now been updated to reflect these latest changes and therefore if you already have the app installed on your device, you will likely see the update arriving in due course. Those who have yet to test out the beta version of Chrome and would like to give it a try, can do so by heading over to Google Play and downloading the latest version. You can also check out a video released by Google showcasing the PaymentRequest feature below.

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