Chase Claims Android Pay Support Planned for "This Year"


While it's still not accepted everywhere, Android Pay is one of the 3 biggest mobile payment systems out there, and a good number of people either use it, or want to use it. For many that fall into the latter camp, the obstacle isn't that many places around them don't accept Android Pay, but that their bank doesn't support it. For many would-be Android Pay users, the sting is made worse by the fact that Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are supported by their banks. The fact that Android Pay is even available internationally and to a number of smaller banks and credit unions just serves to make things worse. Chase customers, however, may have a small ray of hope; their bank has stated that they plan to support Android Pay before the end of this year.

In response to a post on Twitter by Stephen J. Smith lamenting the lack of support, Chase Tweeted back that they "plan to support Android Pay later this year." For Chase customers, this is nothing new; a thread about the matter on Reddit garnered multiple people quoting similar Tweets from as far back as 2015, though there is a hitch with those. All of Chase's previous communications have lacked a target date, simply saying that they will support the platform at some point. This Tweet says that Android Pay is coming "later this year", meaning, in no uncertain terms, before 2017.

That didn't do much to inspire confidence in the many Chase customers saying that the bank has been saying this for a while, and even swapping their stories of switching banks or getting outside credit cards just to use Android Pay. More than a few Chase customers got fed up with the promise of Android Pay support long going unfulfilled, and took their business elsewhere. Many, though, are stuck with Chase in one way or another, like one Redditor who said that they frequently fly a certain airline because it's the only one near where they live with comprehensive service, and Chase issues that airline's mileage card. In response to a Tweet replying to theirs and essentially echoing that sentiment, Chase simply said, "when we have an update about Android Pay, we will let our clients know."

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