CardioVisual App Explains Complex Cardiovascular Conditions


People tend to say that having good health is quite important, and it is, of course. If you're healthy, you can do whatever your heart pleases, so keeping your health should be a priority at all times. Now, considering we live in an age of smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and all sorts of other tech gadgets, we have access to various apps and devices which can help us live a healthy life. Tons of companies released fitness tracking equipment, from regular fitness trackers, all the way to sports smartwatches and similar gear. As far as software is concerned, Google Play Store is filled with 'medical' apps, and we're here to talk about one such app, read on.

Now, unlike your regular fitness tracking applications, this app focuses on your heart, and its health basically. It is, of course, not able to scan your heart or anything of the sort, but it can give you an insight on everything heart-related basically. The app in question is called 'CardioVisual', and this is basically a multimedia platform which can provide a simple explanation to your heart-related questions / issues. It gives you insight when it comes to complex heart and vascular conditions and treatments, it not only contains various images, but video clips as well, in which you do get nicely illustrated explanations. This app can also be used by doctors in order to explain to patients what exactly is wrong with their heart, and how they can fix that. Doctors can even use a built-in pen of sorts, which will let them draw on top of images in order to give you further explanation of what the operating procedure will look like.

The CardioVisual app has been developed by a practicing cardiologist, and you're able to use it on both smartphones and tablets. Ads are not a part of this app, which the developer clearly states, so you can enjoy its content without any interruptions. It is also worth mentioning that there are a ton of video clips which are accessible in Spanish as well, so the app can be used even by people who do not understand English, or perhaps by doctors who need to explain something to their Spanish-speaking patients. This app is completely free to download and use, and if you need more info before you pull the trigger, there are a couple of images down below, as well as a short promo video which the developer provided.


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