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Near Field Communication (NFC) is a very short-range method of wireless communication between devices used mostly for quick interactions. While it has a much shorter physical range than WiFi or Bluetooth, it is ideal for certain uses like mobile payments, when security requires that the device should be very close by. It also has other uses, such as automation of tasks; for example, an NFC sticker can be used to configure a WiFi network on a smartphone with a single tap.

NFC is most common in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, but lately, it has been making its way to wearables such as the Samsung Gear S2. And there is a new type of NFC-enabled wearable device coming soon that may be the smallest and most practical application yet: the NFC Ring. The NFC Ring, which originated as a Kickstarter project three years ago, has recently become available. And the latest implementation, which includes mobile payments, is now almost finally ready for release. In terms of physical design, buyers can choose from either black or white ceramic. The sizes are customizable to make sure you get the perfect fit. It doesn't look like a technology device, but rather just resembles a traditional ring. However, there are some key features that make it quite unique. To start off with, the NFC Ring has the ability to make mobile payments through Visa simplifying the checkout process even further in comparison to smartphone-based mobile payments. It can also be used as a means of unlocking a smartphone or tablet simply by tapping the back of the device. In fact, for those with an NFC-enabled door lock, it can even be used to unlock your door with a quick tap. And these are just some examples if the many potential uses it has. Using automation apps on your phone, you can use it to automate just about any task.

While certain models of the NFC Ring are currently available to order, the mobile payment-enabled ring is only available for preorder at this time. The cost to preorder the ring is £39.99, which is about $53 U.S. Unfortunately, the company's web page does not list the release date of the product, so it is unknown when you can expect it to be delivered. If you'd rather not wait, and don't mind purchasing a ring that does not have the payment technology built in, head over to their web page using the source link below and check out some of their other options.

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