You Can Now Change Your Pokemon GO Trainer's Nickname

As a bit of background information for readers who have yet to gain an interest in playing Pokemon GO but may still want to keep up to date, Pokemon GO requests every new player to sign up using their Gmail address, and once the first steps are complete the user is then required to enter a nickname for his or her in-game trainer. This is more or less standard procedure for games with an online aspect, but what about renaming your in-game character? Well, up until now the only way to even attempt a nickname change in Pokemon GO was to contact support and request for it. The (reviewing) process would take several weeks to complete, and technically speaking a nickname change would only be approved if the players used their real names or other personal information as their nickname. Fortunately, this has now changed, and following a recent update, Pokemon GO players can rename their trainers directly from the game’s menu.

Pokemon GO now allows users to change their nickname directly from the game’s menu, without having to contact customer support and wait for days or weeks only to have their requests denied. In order to take advantage of the new feature, players need to tap the “Pokeball” button in the map screen, open “Settings”, tap “Change Nickname” > “Yes” and enter the new nickname. Then, tap “OK” and “Yes” a couple more times for confirmation, and a pop-up notification should appear informing you that “You are now known as (nickname)”.

One thing to keep in mind before proceeding with the steps above is that the game allows trainers to change their nicknames only once. This is a one-time deal so if you wish to get rid of an inappropriate or bland nickname then you should probably consider your new choice twice and make sure that you won’t require another name change in the future. Otherwise, if you are a Pokemon GO player and you are happy with your avatar’s current name, there are a handful of other new additions and bug fixes to look forward to in the latest update.

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