California Teen Hit With Metal Pole For Playing Pokemon GO


Pokemon GO is a fun game for a good number of reasons, but can also be quite problematic and even dangerous, depending on where and how you play it. The game has made headlines by people abusing it to hurt or steal from others, bringing communities together, and even being involved in fatal incidents. The sheer number of incidents surrounding the game and the fact that Pokemon tend to pop up in inappropriate places, like the Fukushima disaster area and the US Holocaust Museum, have even pushed some municipalities and governments to either bar it from being played in certain areas or even ban it outright. In the latest of the crazy happenings surrounding the game, a 17 year old young man in California was accosted by an older man while playing Pokemon GO and things reportedly got very ugly very fast.

The incident took place on Wednesday, August 17. Reports say that the 17 year old was playing in the game in the 70 block of Aquarium Way in Long Beach, when 57 year old Jayson Louis Lingen, who had previously been convicted of assault with a deadly weapon back in 2013, approached the younger man and yelled at him. Details on their conversation from there, including what Lingen yelled to his victim before things took a turn for the worse, are unavailable. In any case, Lingen wound up hitting the boy in the head with a metal pole, netting him yet another assault with a deadly weapon charge when police got to the scene.

Details about the teenage victim, including his name and current condition, are still unreleased at the moment. Lingen, having been arraigned on Friday afternoon, could face a very hefty penalty, with this being his second such offense. Specifically, he may face up to 13 years in state prison, if he is convicted. For now, prosecutors have said that they plan to ask for his bail to be set at $100,000. All of the details on the case that have been released so far came from prosecutors affiliated with the Los Angeles District Attorney's office. Presumably, further details will be released as the case progresses, but no definite dates or milestones have been given by any parties involved at the moment.

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