Cadillac Enlists LG To Design Vehicle Instrument Panels


The auto and tech industries are increasingly converging, as a Samsung employee recently pointed out. One example of this is in joint ventures between the two industries, such as Google's partnership with Ford on self-driving cars. Another example is Cadillac teaming up with LG to redesign their interiors. Specifically, the front panel of a mystery Cadillac vehicle, and possibly a few other models, are getting a facelift. A short teaser trailer of sorts that hit YouTube shows off a concept for a new front panel, designed around a front and back array of two curved OLED screens of LG pedigree.

The new concept eschews the traditional multi-faceted, multi-functional panel of separate instruments in favor of one curved screen in front of a larger one, which can display synchronous images or anything else that may need to be displayed. The two screens overlap where the smaller one passes over the larger one, creating a unique tiered design. The larger screen isn't taller, but extends a few inches to the left, as well as protruding out to the right about the same length as that of the smaller screen. The asymmetrical design is a bit unconventional, but could easily lend itself to a large spectrum of different uses, from a backup cam to a more traditional instrument display, along with more unconventional uses, like infotainment.

The Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance car show that takes place every year in Monterey, California, happening this year on the evening of Thursday, August 8, is set to be the big reveal for not only the new concept car with LG's display-based instrument panel, but a number of new designs from Cadillac. Utilizing the two displays to free up space from design elements like center screens and extra mirrors, Cadillac should be able to make some fairly unique new designs; anything from minimalism to futurism and even more hardcore luxurious designs with all of the extra bells and whistles are all possible. With the Concours show being one of the main stages for new auto designs each year, both the auto and tech industries are waiting to see what LG and Cadillac have cooked up together.


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