Build Your Own Democracy with 'Pocket Politics' for Android

With the Presidential election coming up in November, at least for the US, politics have become a pretty popular topic. With the Presidential race being down to Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, things are getting pretty interesting. But what if, you could create your own democracy? That's exactly what you can do here with Pocket Politics which is now available on Android. The developers have called this an "innovative political idle game" and that's exactly what it is. You'll be enlisting the help of lobbies, which will help you raise money for your political campaign. But lobbies won't be the only reason you get to the top. You'll still need to recruit staffers to help generate revenue and get endorsements from top politicians.


There are tons of ways to earn money in Pocket Politics, which will help you earn money and rise to new and more powerful offices. You'll be able to choose between tapping for cash, paying staffers to do it for you, or focusing on powerful political lobbies to passively generate money while you're away. Of course, the big question is which party to you run for, and which lobbies do you invest in. You'll also have the ability to retire from your campaigns. This is how you'll be able to score political capital, which can be spent on endorsements from powerful party leaders. There is also loads of content here to unlock. You can unlock all sorts of upgrades, that will indeed open up more possibilities in the game. Pocket Politics does also include Google Play Games support, so there are loads of achievements here to collect.

As you might expect, Pocket Politics is indeed a free-to-play game. Meaning that you can download and play it for free, but there are some in-app purchases included here. These in-app purchases range from $1.99 all the way up to $99.99. Additionally, Pocket Politics supports Android 4.0 and later, and the game itself weighs in at just 35MB, which is actually fairly small. Meaning that most smartphones should have enough room to install Pocket Politics. You can pick up Pocket Politics from the Google Play Store today.


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