Blue Coral, Silver Galaxy Note 7 Models Delayed?


Samsung has, for the past five years or so, released a new Galaxy Note smartphone each and every Fall. For the last two years however, including this year, Samsung has released their larger-than-life smartphone earlier on in the year, launching it in August. This gives Samsung more time to get the device ready for the "Golden Quarter" and it also gives them more time on the market with the new device. Launching any device sooner than you would otherwise do so has always been a little tricky, and this year the South Korean giant appears to be facing some issues regarding the Blue Coral and Silver color options for this year's Galaxy Note 7. According to a statement from Samsung, it appears as though buyers that had pre-ordered either of these colors will be waiting a little longer than most.

According to a statement from Samsung Canada, passed to Android Central, Samsung has "experienced an unprecedented number of pre-orders and we're excited to begin fulfilling orders on August 19th. Over the coming weeks, we'll work with our valued carrier and retail partners to provide wide-reaching national retail availability." While no particular colors have been mentioned in the above statement, further reports have noted that those waiting for the fetching Blue Coral, as well as the classy Silver colors will be waiting for as long as three weeks after today's August 19th launch across the US and Canada. It's not clear why this is, but there are of course a number of theories and reasons as to why this is the case.

Different colors of devices have often been used as bargaining chips in making sure that someone looking to get that particular color shops with one carrier or retailer over another. It's particular prevalent in Europe, with the United Kingdom's Carphone Warehouse and the Vodafone network often getting colors that other retailers and networks won't get. Announcing some sort of shortage of certain colors also makes those particular units hold their value a little better as well, ensuring that the overall general price of the Galaxy Note 7 stays fairly high over the course of its life on sale. Hopefully however, whatever the reason behind such a shortage, Samsung can get this sorted out shortly after the official launch of the Galaxy Note 7. Regardless, launching such a high-profile device as this is always going to come with its challenges, so this sort of thing shouldn't be a total surprise to buyers.

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