Bing Search App Updated With Music Search and More

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In the technology world, wherever there are winners, there are inevitably losers. Back in the day, the world of search wasn’t dominated by Google and there was a myriad of different search engines out there. Of course, the times have changed, and now Google is by far the de factor search engine for the vast majority of those online. The late 90’s and early 00’s were a time of change for the likes of Microsoft and Apple, as the two grappled with the Internet. Of course, Google and other companies that were born on the Internet had nothing to worry about, but Microsoft in particular had some catching up to do. After years of sticking with MSN, Bing Search was launched back in 2009, and since then has struggled to take the fight to Google, but there is a decent Android app, and that same Android app has been updated with some new features.

Those new features include a new music search feature as well as video previews inside of the app as well. The former has become something of a standard among search apps, but it’s still a welcome addition here, and for those unfamiliar with it, music search allows users to find out the name of whatever track is playing wherever they might be at the moment. Bing also has a lyric search option as well as the ability to display lyrics as well, so users can now search for a song, and then watch the video or listen along with the lyrics. The video previews feature is one carried over the desktop version of Bing, and simply shows you a preview of whatever a video result might be.

The Bing Search app is a decent option on Android, and while it’s no Google Now, it has some interesting features – aside from the new ones outlined above – such as the option to set a new wallpaper on your device every day. Bing also functions as a browser of sorts, and allows users to translate whatever page they’ve stumbled upon from results or suggested articles from Bing itself. It’s a decent app and for those that are looking to give it a try, all they need to do is to hit the big button down below.