Big Android BBQ 2016 Early Bird Tickets On Sale


If you follow Android news somewhat closely, you're likely at least passingly familiar with the Big Android BBQ. Happening annually, the Big Android BBQ started out as a small gathering of enthusiasts and has evolved into a globally recognized and well-loved staple of the Android world. From fans who've never written a line of code in their life, to journalists, and even seasoned developers, there's always a little something for everybody at the Big Android BBQ, even without factoring in the food, fun, and giveaways. This year's BBQ doesn't look to be shaping up any differently, and that will definitely excite the same crowd of people who will be excited to know that early bird tickets are up for grabs right now on the official Big Android BBQ website, available through August 22nd, and coming with an enigmatic "exclusive gift".

This year's BBQ celebrations will focus on the theme of connections, from personal to technical, and the BBQ's website states that the staffers hope to see a lot of connecting going on at the event. As well as a networking event, the BBQ can be a quality learning experience; this year, those who are interested can net themselves a spot in a "relaxed classroom environment" to learn the very basics of what it will take to bring their idea to life, culminating in giving them the knowledge to finally write up their first line of code.

The big speech for this year's BBQ  is called Cradle to Career РPathways to Success, and focuses on the role of diversity in the tech industry. Among the keynote speakers who have made themselves available for the conference, Pillar Consulting CEO Marty Ballard, as well as Android journalist Russell Holly, whose work can be found on sites like Android Central and The magic is all set to happen in Hurst, TX on October 21 and 22, and $64.99 will get you a ticket at the early bird level, which can be upgraded later. The BBQ staff have even taken the liberty of negotiating special room rates with a few local hotels, making it fairly easy and cheap for just about anybody to attend, assuming they can handle getting there.

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