Battery Endurance Comparison Video: Bluboo Maya Max vs iPhone 6s

Bluboo Maya Max iPhone 6s

The Bluboo Maya Max is the latest smartphone to be announced by Bluboo Mobile and is currently due to become available at the end of this month. However, in preparation for that release the Maya Max is currently available to pre-order. The full retail price is $179.99 but during the pre-order phase it is available to buy at a reduced price of $159.99. If you are wondering whether this is the right phone for you and especially if battery life is something that matters, then Bluboo has put together a comparison video to highlight the benefits of the Bluboo Maya Max compared to the iPhone 6s. In the comparison video, the Maya Max and the iPhone 6s are tested against each other to compare the levels of battery drain on the two devices. As the Bluboo Maya Max comes packing a 4,200 mAh capacity battery, the video showcases its level of endurance and even when it is put under a heavy load.

You can check out the full comparison video below, however for a quick run through of what happens – before the test started, the iPhone 6s had a better level of 56% while the Maya Max was at 100%. After 30 minutes of the test, the Bluboo Maya Max still maintained a 99% battery level. In contrast, the iPhone 6s had dropped down to 35%. Which means over the course of the test the Maya Max battery had only depleted by 1%, while the iPhone had dropped 21% in the same time-frame. A fairly good example of the difference between the battery endurance of the two devices. In fact, Bluboo Mobile claims that the Maya Max is able to endure 50 hours of video playback on a single battery. Making it an ideal option for those who need a long-lasting battery and especially for video playback.

As mentioned, the Bluboo Maya Max is already available to pre-order at a lower rate ($159.99) than it will be available to buy when it goes on general sale at $179.99. However, right now is the absolute best time to buy as Bluboo is running an extended discount for those who place a pre-order in the next couple of days. Which means you can currently order the Bluboo Maya Max for only $139.99. Head through the link below to find out more.

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