Android Wear: Free WatchMaster Premium Codes!


One of Android Wear's strengths has always been the ability to choose different watch faces to customize the look and functionality of your smartwatch. We've come a long way from the days of having to download and install watch faces that aren't officially supported, and in Android Wear 2.o, custom watch faces are about to get a whole lot more powerful. For now however, we're not short of either choice or functionality and there are watch faces out there for everyone's style and needs. One of the best places to get access to such a variety has, for a long time, been WatchMaster. A collection of different artists Рas well as watch faces from real, mechanical watches Рoffering up all kinds of fun, elegant and functional designs. To get access to all of them Рfrom the one watch face and app Рusers will need a Premium subscription to make the most of them, and we have 20 codes to give away. We'll explain how to use the codes Рfound below Рbut please be aware this is a first come, first served sort of deal and they may all already have been taken.

First thing's first, you'll need to download the WatchMaster app from the Play Store if you haven't already. From there, you'll need to head into the menu by hitting the three lines in the top-left corner of the app. Once there, choose the "Promotion Code" setting and enter one of the below codes. The below screenshot should give you an idea of what to look for. After that, you can go ahead and choose from the myriad of watch faces that WatchMaster has on offer, including all manner of analog watch faces as well as the more playful ones out there.

2016-08-19 15.55.03


These codes should give each user 365 days of access to the entire WatchMaster premium catalog. Watch faces can be downloaded to your device from within the WatchMaster app and this is also how you need to change between your favorites, unlike WatchMaker, there's no way to choose a different watch face from your watch itself. Still, there's enough on offer here for everyone, and while some of the watch faces might take inspiration from popular watch brands the world over, many of these are unique and are tastefully branded with the artist's name. The codes needed to get premium access are pasted below, and we hope you enjoy them!

  • androidheadlineftw1
  • androidheadlineftw2
  • androidheadlineftw3
  • androidheadlineftw4
  • androidheadlineftw5
  • androidheadlineftw6
  • androidheadlineftw7
  • androidheadlineftw8
  • androidheadlineftw9
  • androidheadlineftw11
  • androidheadlineftw12
  • androidheadlineftw13
  • androidheadlineftw14
  • androidheadlineftw15
  • androidheadlineftw16
  • androidheadlineftw17
  • androidheadlineftw18
  • androidheadlineftw19
  • androidheadlineftw20
  • androidheadlineftw21