Alphabet Gets $2 Billion Through A New Bond Offering


When it comes to mysterious and even eccentric ways of running a company, some of the higher ups within Alphabet are serious contenders. The various moonshots churned out of the Google wheelhouse in the past few years are proof enough of that, though some of them have met with a good measure of success. Keeping information as quiet as possible, however, is a very mainstream tactic; just about every business out there, big or small, has at least some information that they don't want getting out for one reason or another. Naturally, nothing in the business world, or the tech world for that matter, can ever be kept 100% silent, and Alphabet's newest venture is no different. The company has taken out a bond in the amount of a whopping $2 billion, according to a filing with the Securities And Exchange Commission made on Tuesday.

Borrowing a fairly big sum of cash is something that the company was already looking into, according to CFO Ruth Porat. She disclosed at Alphabet's earnings call that the market conditions seemed right to grab at some capital by borrowing, and that's exactly what's happened here. What that capital may end up being used for, however, is anybody's guess. Alphabet spokespeople have been silent thus far, and there are a huge number of projects that could certainly use a boost in Alphabet's repertoire right now.

With Fiber looking to expand into new areas, self-driving cars looking to take off, Project Loon looking to hit new areas and markets, and a number of other moonshots looking to make expensive moves in the near future, the money could be going there. Alphabet could, of course, be moving into something entirely new for them, such as the burgeoning augmented reality space, made a public buzzword by Pokemon GO and, by all reports, set to explode when Magic Leap hits the scene. Given Google's infatuation with machine learning and neural networks, the money could also end up paying for data center expansions of epic proportions to make the robot overlords that Alphabet plans to bring to life in the near future the most knowledgeable, natural, and helpfulĀ that they can possibly be. Whatever the case, the loan is set to mature in 2026, so Alphabet has 10 years for whatever they invest in to bear $2 billion and interest worth of fruit.

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