Airbnb's 'Trips' Is A New City Guide App In Testing

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Airbnb reportedly has a new app in the works. Unlike its official app which seeks to make it simple for people to find and book a room for stay, their new app in testing is called Airbnb Trips, and will act as a city guide for users who are traveling with the service. All too often it can be easy to arrive at a travel destination only to realize that you know nothing about the surrounding area or the city that you’re in, leaving you with no idea on what to do, where to go, where to eat, and what to see. Airbnb’s new app in testing aims to change that, and recommend local places to eat as well as events to attend while users are in a new area.

The features of this new app don’t sound too unlike those of the City Guidebooks feature that Airbnb had announced was being added into their mobile app back in April, which sought to inform users of things to do and places to go in the area where they booked a room or a home. This is because Guidebooks is part of the Trips app as well. The difference, though, with City Guidebooks and Airbnb Trips is that Guidebooks are recommendations based on information from local Airbnb hosts, while the Airbnb Trips app as a whole is said to be more of an itinerary/overall trip planner, with recommendations going beyond just a place to eat or an event to check out. So while Guidebooks is a part of the app, it’s simply one portion of it and there will be much more available to users.

At the moment Trips appears to be in a closed beta with all beta slots full, but that’s not to say that Airbnb won’t allow more beta testers to participate in the future. There is currently no official information on when the app will be released to the public, but a rumor on Airbnb rolling out local recommendations suggests that it could be launched later in the Fall with a potential November time frame. With Trips potentially being launched soon, Airbnb will have another way of bringing in revenue and perhaps more users, as the pair of apps will most likely play well together and offer up a more well-rounded set of features that users should find compelling.


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