YouTube Will Stream U.S. National Conventions In VR


The United States 2016 election season has been an incredibly chaotic ride thus far, and it's all about to come to its climax. The Republican Party will be having their national convention in Cleveland in just a few days on July 18th, while the Democratic Party will be headed to Philadelphia from July 25th to July 28th for their convention. This is the moment everybody has been waiting for, when both parties will declare their one and only nominee; when the superdelegates will make their final choices known and the real race for the White House will begin. With every other candidate in the two parties out of the running, of course, it seems that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be tussling over the verdant turf of the most prestigious location in the nation's capital. Still, there will be a convention for each party, complete with speeches and debates, and you will be able to see the whole thing live and in 360 degrees, thanks to YouTube.

Live video and VR are two of the biggest waves of new media, YouTube is one of the biggest players in those arenas, and the two national conventions are two of the biggest events going on right now. The combination, thought of that way, is perfectly logical. Viewers will have free reign to take in every detail, hear every slip of the tongue and watch the cheers, boos and drops of flop sweat on any face in the house that they choose, as it's all going down in real time. A number of famous faces on YouTube will be on air to help cover all of the action as well. Big names like The Young Turks and Ingrid Nilsen are among the list of YouTube celebrities planning to join the fun as we rev up the engines for the home stretch toward this year's election.

As it all happens, YouTube watchers will be at the center of the action, whether you're watching on Cardboard, strapping into an HTC Vive or simply rotating your phone or dragging your mouse around the screen. Those interested in watching it all go down can head through the source link and bookmark YouTube's official addresses for the upcoming conventions.

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