Your Goal In 'Big Hunter' Game Is To Hunt Down A Mammoth

Many people would say that a great idea is the most important part when creating an app or a game. Well, that applies to various other areas, and we tend to agree with that. There are tons of various apps and games available in the Google Play Store, and the ones with the best idea (in combination with execution, of course) tend to be the most successful ones. Now, many of us like to spend some time gaming on our devices, the time and game type will vary from person to person, but if you like to play games at least to a certain degree, you might want to read on.

While browsing the Google Play Store, we’ve stumbled upon yet another interesting gaming title which managed to intrigue us, and it’s called ‘Big Hunter’. Now, this game is really simple to play, and the graphics are just right considering the gameplay, though nothing high-end, which means you’ll be able to play this game on a wide range of devices, even if they’re not at all powerful. Anyhow, the game is simple, you’re a hunter, whose goal is to hunt down a mammoth. Now, as you might imagine, that’s not exactly an easy task, and you’re armed with only spears. So, you’ll need to hit the mammoth with the spear a number of times to defeat it, and the amount of damage will depend on how accurate you are, certain parts of mammoth’s body are weaker than the rest. Also, if you manage to rake up conscious shots, you’ll get a bonus, which means you’ll do even more damage.

While you hunt down the mammoth, you’ll need to run away from it at the same time, which essentially means you’ll need to move back (in this case left) quite frequently. In some levels you’ll get a limited amount of spears, in others, you’ll get a limited amount of time to hunt down a mammoth, etc. There are 100 levels available in this game, and things get really hard after you sort out the first 30 or so. Mammoths get bigger and stronger, which essentially makes them impossibly hard to defeat. The game is free to play, though you’ll need to pay up in order to remove ads, as it’s the case in a number of other games. You’ll be glad to know that ads aren’t all that intrusive here, which is great, of course.ž

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