Weekly Poll: Are You Getting Bored With Pokémon GO?

At this point there is almost no escaping Pokémon GO. The augmented reality game from Niantic who is the same company behind Ingress has worked its way into the hearts and minds of millions (over 35 million to be exact) across multiple countries around the globe including the U.S., Canada, Germany and others, and as of today it has finally and officially launched in Japan. It's become the most popular mobile game in the U.S., and there has been plenty of positive energy surrounding the game as well as an unfortunate growing number of negative incidents. However you slice it, though, Pokémon GO is a wild phenomenon that looks like it will continue to grow and get larger, and larger, and larger.

Not everyone is down for catching Pokémon however, and some would prefer that the game didn't invade their feeds from the beginning of the day to the end. Sure, the game can be fun and it's new and exciting right now, because many people who enjoy it have fallen in love with the franchise over the years from the console games. Having said that, there's no doubt that Niantic, Nintendo, and The Pokémon Co. will need to beef up the game a little bit with more features if they want to keep the excitement around and keep the momentum rolling. Things like actual multiplayer battles, which Niantic says is coming, as well as the ability to trade Pokémon. More types of Pokémon will almost certainly be added at some point as well, but the sooner the better as some players are going hardcore and may end up catching nearly all of the types that are in the game before long. With how Pokémon GO is now, if you play are you getting bored with it? Do you see yourself getting bored with it soon if more content isn't added?

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