Web-Based Pokemon GO Map Points Out Landmarks

If you play Pokemon GO seriously, you'll know that PokeStops and gyms are an integral part of gameplay. If there aren't any near you and you want to play anyway, or if you want to plan a route to explore a faraway place without having to wander about, a map of places where you can fill up on Pokeballs and items is likely a good thing to have, as is a map of gyms that you can stop off at to battle for the glory of your team and earn XP and Pokecoins. While most maps focus on where wild Pokemon lurk, it turns out that a map that caters to those looking to plot out a route of PokeStops and gym visits does exist, and it's based on Google Maps.

Simply called Pokemon GO Map, the website allows users to sign in with their Google account to get a map of their location. From there, they can pan and zoom just like with Google Maps. PokeStops and gyms are marked with blue squares, while Pokemon sightings reported by other players are marked with a Pokeball. Since most players will be unlikely to take the time to report every single Rattata, Pidgey, and Spearow, chances are higher to see a focus on rare Pokemon than with other maps. False Pokemon reports, of course, are inevitable, so those using the map are advised to take reports of sightings with a grain of salt, and remember that Pokemon do disappear after a while. Players can comment on points of interest, label them as gyms, or ask for them to be removed from the map.

Those trying to mark spots falsely to troll others will find it a bit difficult - removal requests are carefully curated, and a spot marked a gym will only appear as such to the person who marked it until enough people do the same. This ensures that the map will remain fairly reliable, allowing a trainer who doesn't feel like roaming about to plot out a route with a fair bit of sureness, whether they want to run through the local gyms, take a relaxing walk and stock up on Pokeballs, or do a power-run of PokeStops in their area to pack their inventory slap full of supplies.

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