Weather Card in Google Now Updated With Hourly Wind and Rain


Google Now has come a long way since it was first introduced as part of Android with 4.1 Jelly Bean. What was a novel way of asking Google to do a search for you or let you know when your packages are arriving has become a big part of what people see Google as these days. No matter how powerful or complicated an app or service like this becomes however, there will always be those that use it for little more than the basics. One of those basic features in Google Now is the Weather card, and over the past year or so, it's gotten a lot better and now feels more like a fully-fledged weather app rather than just a part of Google Now. Recently, it was updated with a few more special powers.

The new features are the card's ability to now show hourly updates for both Wind as well as Precipitation. As such, we can figure out – approximately, of course – when it's about to rain and then take whatever precautions we need to take. It seems pretty trivial, but let's say you're someone that needs to know this sort of thing or you have something drying out in┬áthe sun you can't afford for it to get wet, it's always good to know this sort of thing. There have been reports about these new features hitting the new weather card for some time now, so you might have already noticed this. We managed┬áto get a look at the new card's features, and it is fairly unexciting. As with a lot of updates to Google Now, there's a good chance that this is a server-side sort of thing, but users with any version of the Google App that is 6.0 and above should be just fine. Then again, we could say that about any weather app out there, and as we mentioned, it's always good to know this sort of thing.

The real story here however, is that Google is continuously updating Google Now, and with the Assistant and Google Home launching later this year, it's no wonder that new features are starting to be turned on and others – like the humble weather card – are being refined.


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