Vine Celebrity Incites Stampede Over Rare Pokemon

Pokemon GO is a cultural phenomenon that's caught on like wildfire and caused more than its fair share of controversies and odd occurrences. Vine celebrities, like Logan Paul, draw huge amounts of viewers with their insane antics, often in public places. It's only natural for the two to meet, with videos of Pokemon popping up in strange places and the like being fair game, but Vine hotshot Logan Paul found a special way to do it that demonstrated something dark about human nature that has to do with Pokemon GO while simultaneously causing absolute hilarity, and more than a fair measure of absolute bedlam.

Not too long ago, somebody yelled Squirtle in a crowd. Despite the fact that they actually meant Wartortle, people made a run for it, even though the Pokemon would likely hang around for a good hour or so and allow a good number of people, if not everybody there, to catch it. In a quick video posted to Twitter, Logan Paul upped the ante significantly. A bigger crowd was pranked, a much more rare Pokemon was involved, and the kicker? That Pokemon was never actually there. While his first cry of "DRAGONITE!" went unheard by some, a decent number of trainers dropped what they were doing and made their way over. The second cry brought a sprinting stampede, convincing the first group to take to their heels and fly.

The video shows a throng of people getting a move on to find that Dragonite, with more of them deciding to join the crowd by the second. Curiously, the video cut out before we could see what happened when people started to figure out that there was no Dragonite about. The abrupt ending to the video leaves more than a few questions about what happens next and what people thought, but also answered more than a few questions about those same topics, as well as what effect Pokemon GO has on people. Scientists have touched on the unique magic that makes the game so addictive, but that little ineffable bit of magic that some may feel for a second when a rare Pokemon comes on their screen is a bit harder to explain.

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