Verizon's Total Mobile Protection Is In Open Enrollment

It doesn't matter who you are, your devices are vulnerable to physical threats. Whether it's shoddy workmanship at the factory rearing its head years later, a bad drop, or an accidental swim, there are tons of threats out there just waiting to rob even the most careful owner of even the toughest device with no recourse. Most carriers offer insurance on devices that lets you replace them for cheap or free if they're damaged or go missing, but many people don't sign up upon buying a device, thinking they won't need the insurance. While this is a good money saving decision for some, a lot of people end up regretting it. If you're a Verizon customer, however, and rocking a handset or tablet of any sort bought from the carrier at any point, whether it was weeks ago or years ago, you can currently enroll your device in Verizon's Total Mobile Protection plan.

The Total Mobile Protection insurance plan from Verizon is on the fairly comprehensive end of the spectrum, and the price isn't too bad. For smartphones, the cost is $11 per month. For basic phones and tablets, the plan runs $9 per month. Laying out that sort of cash will get you protection against accidental damage of all sorts, including drops and dips, courtesy of Asurion, as well as an extended warranty from Verizon that covers workmanship defects; basically, unless you decide to shoot a YouTube torture test video with your device, you'll be able to replace it or have it repaired for far less than you would normally pay. You also get tools to secure and locate your device.

The plan only grants you two replacement claims in a 12 month period and the deductibles can get a bit pricey on some higher-end devices, which means the insurance isn't exactly a license to live dangerously, but it will give you peace of mind in situations where you fear for your device's safety. Open enrollment for the plan lasts until September 15, giving those who passed up insurance at the point of sale a little less than a month to pull the trigger. The range of devices that can enroll is pretty wide, but Motorola tablets are not on the list.

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