Verizon Rolls Out Low-Speed Prepaid Data


Up until recently, if you were a Verizon customer in any capacity, reaching your data allotment for the month meant you would either have to top-up, face an overage charge, or simply deal with going unconnected except around Wi-Fi. Having been making waves in the industry for a while, one move from T-Mobile that had gone largely ignored by the industry was their decision to give all customers the option to take advantage of low-speed data once they exceed their monthly allowance. While many prepaid providers have since adopted such a practice, it only recently made its way to the big leagues. After rolling it out for postpaid customers a while back, it seems that Verizon is finally giving prepaid customers an option to stay connected at lower speeds after eating up all of their normal data allotment, which lasts throughout the billing cycle.

This move comes on the heel of some fighting with T-Mobile, seeing both companies putting out statements regarding recent antics between the two of them. T-Mobile aired their bravado in the form of an official filing to the FCC, citing carriers aping their own initiatives and actions as proof that the wireless industry is still competitive, and that T-Mobile is inciting consumer-positive change. The filing caught more than a few players' attention in the industry. Verizon, in particular, responded by publishing a blog post refuting some of the points regarding them in T-Mobile's filing, and explaining the logic behind some of their recent moves.

They explain, for example, that their new low-speed feature, "Safety Mode", is not copying T-Mobile because they do not turn it on automatically for customers that run over. They also throw down some numbers regarding their prices, such as the decreases in price per GB of data and their new Carryover option, which saves unused data from month to month, similar to older plans on now-defunct carriers, or T-Mobile's Data Stash option. The new plans and glut of new features they come with have been a talking point for both Verizon and its rivals, but they largely retain their uniqueness in the plan department, as well as bragging rights to a very robust network.

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