Titanium Backup Supports Android N With The Latest Release


Titanium Backup is getting a new update today which pushes it forward to version 7.5, and it brings along some nice little features and improvements for the ride. If you're unfamiliar with Titantium Backup, there's nothing wrong with that as it is and has always been a root only application, which basically locks out a large portion of the Android populace since many people aren't modifying their devices with unlocked bootloaders, rooted hardware, and custom ROMs. This isn't going to change as the features and the functionality that Titanium Backup provides requires root access for it to work. Having said that, if you do have a rooted device, Titanium Backup just might be the best solution for you for backing up your important data, if it isn't your solution already.

When it comes to the most recent changes for the application, the most notable is the newly added support for the Android N Developer Preview. As there are good number of Nexus devices floating around which have been flashed with the developer preview software, having Titanium Backup available could make things a whole lot easier the next time a user wants to flash or install something new, and backing up as much stuff as possible is never a bad idea.

In addition to the Android N Developer Preview support that is now within the app, Titanium Backup is also introducing a new feature called MyTi.cloud, which is essentially their version of a cloud storage backup solution for users. While references to the feature are being introduced in this version of the app, using the actual service is not yet possible, as the development team behind Titanium Backup state that they're still working on it and are hoping to have it ready for a launch sometime next year. Although, they have not mentioned an exact release date yet. Having said that, there is detail on the possible options for storage amounts, which will include a package starting at 10GB for CHF 12 (about $12), moving to 20GB for CHF 23 (about $23), then to 50GB for CHF 51 which is about $51, and then to 100GB for CHF 96 which is about $96. All of these prices listed are for annual fees, so this is what users will end up paying for yearly access, and these are also early bird prices for those who choose to sign up for them early which is possible to do as of this update.


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