Tinder Social Gives Users A Way To Plan Friend Meetups

While Pokémon GO may be all the rage right now when it comes to downloadable applications, other apps like Tinder are setting out to increase their own user engagement by launching a brand new feature called Tinder Social. With Tinder, it's all generally about meeting potential romances and dates, hookups, and the chance of a future blooming love, but on a person to person level. Dates don't always start off that way, though, and many times can be centered around a group of individuals all going out together. This can be a more comfortable setting and allows each person to observe the other in a natural state around their friends where they tend to be themselves. Sometimes you're also not really looking for a date and just want to head out with a group of friends, and this is what Tinder Social is providing.

To get access to Tinder Social, existing users will need to update the app first and opt into the functionality by tapping on the "unlock Tinder Social" button, and once done, users can create a group of people that they plan to go out with which would be other friends who have also opted into the Tinder Social feature. Groups can be designated with a specific activity so that other groups can match up and choose to meet for one big hangout, all the while tossing back and forth some messages to discuss the plans after a match has been made.

There are some limitations to the Tinder Social groups that users will want to be aware of right from the beginning. First, Tinder Social only allows users to belong to one group at a time, so users would need to leave an existing group that they're in if they wanted to join another. This might not bother some, but it could become a little bit cumbersome if users have more than a few friends on Tinder and end up switching back and forth. Second, any group member is allowed to add a status to the group that is visible on the group's profile page as well as matches and group members, making it easy for everyone to be included in setting up the hangout activities or changing them up if need be. It's also worth noting that leaving groups is possible to do at any point, with the group expiring if everyone leaves but the creator of the group. Building off of that, the group creator themselves can end the group if they wish, and any group matches will expire on their own if the group hangout is either over or if it reaches noon the following day after the match was initially set up. Tinder's latest update which includes the new social feature should already be live, and is supported in the U.S., Canada, the UK, India, Australia, and New Zealand.

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