Three New Wireless Charger Designs Patented by Samsung


Samsung has always been innovative about cutting edge technology, introducing the first of its kind iris scanner in the upcoming flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 7. In tandem with the launch of Galaxy Note 7, Samsung might also be announcing a new wireless charger. The patent application for three new attractive designs of wireless chargers has been filed by Samsung, according to Patently Mobile. This application hints at the possible release of a new wireless charger which can charge smartphones and smartwatches simultaneously, increasing the utility of the charger as the popularity of smartwatches grows by the day.

The patent application by Samsung provides three new designs for wireless charging, improving the aesthetics with an increase in the height of the charger. This design is a significant departure from the current flat and round design of wireless chargers and has probably been developed to accommodate a smartphone and a smartwatch together. This feature makes the charger more useful, especially for charging the two devices at night. The patent application also states that along with charging smartphones and smartwatches, it can also be used to charge cameras, electronic glasses, and even tablets.

According to one design, the smartphone has to be placed on the top of the charger at a slight tilt, and the smartwatch should be placed around the charger. This positioning allows for better space management and ideal charging speed. Another design illustrates a charger with a deep indent, round edges and a tall structure, which allows the smartwatch to be kept atop the charger. Due to the magnetic field produced by the wireless charger, a current is induced in the electromagnetic receptor and is used to charge the device. The patent also hints at the possibility of a transmission resonator which generates a vertical and a horizontal magnetic field simultaneously, increasing the effective area of contact with the device, while allowing for miniaturization and a smaller form factor as the sides of the device can also be used for charging. This design also improves the charging speed considerably, without the need for a larger surface area, as noted in the application.


The patent was filed by Samsung at the US Patent and Trademark Office in January 2016. Although it makes sense that Samsung would unveil a new charger along with the Galaxy Note 7, none of the three wireless charger designs might make it to the consumer market yet, as it happen with many patent applications.