The Sony F8331 Leaks Again In Two New Images

Back during Mobile World Congress Sony showcased three new devices including the Xperia XA, the Xperia X, and the Xperia X Performance. At the time it was unclear if Sony would be releasing any other new devices for the year, then it later announced the Xperia XA Ultra as a step above the Xperia XA. Over the past several weeks a series of rumors has been circulating around a new Sony device known currently only by its apparent model number, dubbed the F8331. Initially, all that was known about this device were some specifications that had leaked out as part of a benchmark test, but a week after the benchmark listing showed up, a series of leaked images surfaced on the web of a live Sony device that has yet to be announced, and these were the first live images said to be of the F8331.

Today a new set of leaked images of the F8331 have shown up, and they provide just as good of a look albeit they seem slightly more up close. Just like before, the images show off the device from both the front and the back, although this time the device is not powered on like it was in one of the previously leaked images. Nevertheless, it’s obvious that it’s the same device as the first batch of pictures, unfortunately there is no new device information which comes along with these images.

This still leaves consumers to wonder what the actual name of the device is called, although for the time being it also seems to be referenced as the Xperia F8331 by some, which seems likely given that Xperia is usually tossed in front of every single phone model name for a device that Sony produces and sells. When it comes to specs, the device appears to be running on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow based on the images before and the benchmark listing, and likely has 32GB of internal storage space alongside 3GB of RAM. The benchmark also states that it’s being powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 CPU which means it would also have the Adreno 530 GPU inside, and if those two things pan out this is definitely not an entry-level device.


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