The MESUIT Case Enables An Android Experience On iPhones

Apple has so far fiercely guarded its mobile operating system from sharing features with the open-source Android OS and has ensured that those who love iOS will have to buy iPhones to experience it. However, the same cannot be said for the Android OS anymore as there's now a way for you to experience the operating system on iPhones, particularly the iPhone 6, its larger cousin and later iPhones except the iPhone SE. A Chinese company named Haimawan which deals in virtualizing and creating new technologies that work with mobile operating systems, has launched the MESUIT case, a hardware case for iPhones which will not only let its buyers experience the Android OS on iPhones, but will also add extra battery life and precious storage to such handsets.

The MESUIT case looks somewhat like the Smart Battery Case that Apple launched last year to boost its iPhones' batteries, expect that it forms a conical shape at the bottom but flattens out before the ends meet. The hardware case attaches itself to an iPhone via the lightning port and can be activated through an app. The case basically comes with all the required ingredients to run a smartphone like a processor, RAM, extra storage, a battery and a Nano SIM slot and basically take over the iPhone's display once the app is turned on. While its makers chose a MediaTek processor to power it, they included 1,700 mAh batteries for cases compatible with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s and 2,500 mAh batteries for cases compatible with the larger iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus. Running on MESUIT OS 1.0 , the app will not only let you experience Android OS on an iPhone display, but will also enable you to exchange files between iOS and the storage inside the case. Using the case, you will also be able to set ring tones, run iTunes and back up files whenever you please.

The MESUIT case, available in Black, costs around $150 which sounds like a bargain considering the benefits that come with it, especially added battery juice and more breathing space for your files and videos. While it's unclear how smooth its performance will be on real world usage, it isn't really charting a path that hasn't been scouted before. Google recently brought over Android Wear to iOS and now Samsung is planning on bringing over its Gear Fit Manager, its S Health app and many other apps to iOS, essentially letting iOS users buy and use Samsung's Gear S2 smartwatch with as much ease that's afforded to Samsung phone users. The deal isn't as one-sided as it seems, as Google's recently launched a keyboard named Gboard which was available exclusively to iOS users is being introduced to Android devices as well. The keyboard will come with a built-in Google search function and merely typing on it will pull up search results, no matter which app you are working on. With existing barriers between iOS and Android peeling off with the passage of time, it will soon be quite easy for people to switch between the two operating systems without compromising on certain features which are currently exclusive to these operating systems.

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