T-Mobile: Free Data & Calls In Brazil During 2016 Olympics

T Mobile Logo AH 3

If there’s one thing T-Mobile does, it’s finding unique ways to add value to the services they provide their customers. The latest courtesy that T-Mobile is extending to its customers is the ability to use their smart devices in Brazil during the 2016 Olympic Games at no additional charge. While T-Mobile already offers unlimited data roaming in more than 100 countries, Brazil included, this offer will provide users with unlimited high-speed data, up to 4G LTE speeds where available. It also includes free unlimited calling and texting, to Brazil or back to the U.S., services that would normally cost extra when traveling.

The offer is good for the entire month of August and it seems this is in some small part fueled by the rivalry between the Un-carrier and AT&T. The always outspoken president and CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere, points out that “AT&T is spending millions to put their logo all over the games as the official sponsor. They introduced a new ‘Brazil plan’ last month, so their customers can foot the bill for AT&T’s VIP parties and private suites in Rio.” He goes on to say “That couldn’t be more different from the Un-carrier. T-Mobile is freeing customers to travel to the Rio Games and use their phones without worry.” To take advantage of these features, customers don’t have to take any additional steps. Their phone will work in Rio without them having to make any changes, and the bill will be adjusted automatically.

In addition to offering this expanded service to all customers, T-Mobile is doing something special for the families of U.S. Olympic athletes. At no charge, they will be providing them with a Galaxy S7 Edge, the latest flagship from Samsung, as well as a Samsung Gear 360 camera. This, of course, includes the same free service in Brazil that will be available to other T-Mobile customers during the games. This offer is good for up to two family members per U.S. Olympic athlete. Carriers have stepped in and have made similar offers in the past, in response to tragedies or emergency situations, to help their customers communicate at critical times. But it’s rare to see them offer freebies like this to celebrate an event. To the T-Mobile subscribers among the 100,000 Americans who are fortunate enough to be able attending the Olympic Games, this courtesy will surely be appreciated.