T-Mobile Boasts The Best Network Speeds At The 2016 RNC

Never one to miss an opportunity to toot their own horn – T-Mobile did some testing of their own this year, at the 2016 Republican National Convention and discovered that T-Mobile was the fastest carrier with an average speed of 35.8Mbps. They were followed by AT&T, Sprint, and coming in last was Verizon. Of course, each network has their strong areas and Cleveland, Ohio happens to be a T-Mobile stronghold, so they must have loved the fact that the Republicans held their conference there. T-Mobile shows an average of 28.6Mbps typically in Cleveland while Verizon averages 23.7Mbps, Sprint is at 22.4Mbps, while AT&T comes in last with 21.4Mbps.

Another interesting twist on this study is the fact that T-Mobile also kept track of what everybody was doing with their mobile phones during the Republican National Convention. For starters, total data was up 49-percent over the average week. A good portion of that data - 24.6-percent of all data used – was for video streaming. There was an average of 19 Snaps per person, per day (PPPD), 19 Tweets PPPD, 23 Pokémon Captures PPPD, 19 Camera Posts PPPD, there were 12 Facebook posts PPPD, 5 minutes of streamed video PPPD, 20 minutes of Netflix streamed PPPD, and 3 minutes of Periscope PPPD.

T-Mobile has prided themselves on being the Uncarrier for the past few years and at each event, they add something of value. For instance, the first big announcement was getting rid of contracts – oh you still had to make a commitment to pay off your device, but if you did that, you were free to leave T-Mobile. The changes they made really stopped them from losing customers and they actually gained many back into their fold. Next, T-Mobile started paying customers to switch over to their service. Then, they made it easier for all customers to do WiFi calling. The newest T-Mobile Uncarrier 11 event is all about thanking customers – for instance, T-Mobile Tuesdays allowed you to get free rewards from Domino's during the fist couple of weeks, a free Wendy’s Frosty continues to be part of the rewards, and free movies from VUDU were on the list as well. Each week T-Mobile also announces a really epic prize. New prizes can crop up at any time so be ready to take advantage of them. T-Mobile continues to grow and improve their network - it will be interesting to see just which service will be the fasted at the Democratic Convention this week.

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