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Hamster Islands is a clicker game for Android that puts players in control of JoJo, the cute and helpful Hamster that wants to help feed all the hungry Hamsters on the different islands to keep building being made. The game is a clicker game that asks players to keep on clicking to ensure that hungry hamsters are fed and that buildings can fill up your islands. The game works by offering players a clear path of progression, with players collecting coins to unlock new friends – such as the Greek Musician as well as the Angel Hamster – that will feed Hamsters more effectively as well improving their abilities over time. Addictive, cute and featuring a clear path of progression, Hamster Islands is fun for all ages and something a lot of players might not have enjoyed before. Designed for pet lovers and admirers of all things cute, there are mini-games and a lot more included, so let's go ahead and take a look, shall we?

First of all, players will need to of course download Hamster Islands from the Play Store. It's a free download, and the game be enjoyed in its entirety for free.

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When players first get started, they'll be on the first Island, and they'll see a group of Hamsters that look very hungry. By tapping anywhere on the display, players will make JoJo (the main Hamster floating in the air) drop food for our hungry friends. The bar at the top of the display needs to be filled 7 times over – sometimes more – in order for a building to be made.

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Over time, more and more of these buildings will be made, and you'll also end up with friends to join JoJo which help deliver more CalPS (Calories per second) to feed your hungry Hamsters better. Here, we can see I have a Banana feeding friend as well as a Blackberry feeding friend helping out JoJo.


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These friends can be improved by using the coins that you end up collecting throughout your journey, and you'll quickly find that you can end up feeding your Hamsters really, really quickly with even just a few improvements.

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Before long, you'll be tapping away delivering huge numbers down below, representing the amount of calories that you're feeding your friends. This is certainly where a lot of addictive gameplay come in, as you'll be clicking away and seeing higher and higher numbers. It's really gratifying to see this sort of thing, especially when you've worked hard to earn all those coins to level up your helpers.

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On top of your helpers, there are also different builders, these make building things a little quicker, and while I hadn't quite gotten around to this part of the game yet, it seems to be a powerful inclusion.


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You can also upgrade JoJo and unlock other farmers as well. These can go towards powering up your ability to feed your hungry Hamsters for a certain amount of time. Some of which are really, really powerful and will end up filling up hungry friends super-quickly.

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Bonus games come in the form of mini-games, such as betting on which Hamster is going to win a race, the more correct you are in your choice, the more of a payout, in coins, you'll end up getting.

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There's also the Cat King, which appears to challenge you to see whether or not you can satisfy his appetitive in a short space of time. Should you win, and end up feeding him till he's full, you'll be given a coin bonus as well.


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While the game itself is free, users can purchase more coins as well as gems, which will remove ads, but they're also given the opportunity to watch a video ad in order to be given some more coins as well.

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Progression comes in the form of moving from one Island to the next, and while there's little control that people can have over the placement of these buildings, the different Islands do have different looks and feels from one another.

Hamster Island Progression

There's no denying that there will be a lot of players that find Hamster Islands a little repetitive and not exactly full of depth. That's because the gameplay at the heart of Hamster Islands isn't exactly awe-inspiring, but that's okay. Instead, what it is is a game that's highly-addictive, has a lot on offer for younger players as well as casual gamers and gives players a clear progression path. Moving from one level to the next is done by building up an Island from the ground up and there's a sense of progression and achievement when players unlock or improve new supporters or farmers and so on. All of this, as well as the cute animal design and animations, lead to a game that might not be anything amazing, but something that's good, honest fun that's super-simple to play and enjoy.


  • Speed (4/5) – Hamster Islands runs well, and its pacing should suit all style of players, and all ages, too.
  • Theme (4/5) – All of these cute animals, as well as the strange names for them will appeal to younger players, and perhaps a more feminine audience, too.
  • Features (4/5) – Gameplay here might not be the most original, but it's addictive, runs well and is easy to get to grips with. The different levels of monsters and such make Hamster Islands a fairly fully-featured game as well.
  • Overall (4/5) – Hamster Islands looks good, runs well and doesn't make players spend forever figuring out how to play the game because it's all good fun and nice and simple. It's addictive, gratifying and a good game for all ages, too.


  • Simple and addictive gameplay will appeal to players of all ages as well as keep players coming back for more, time after time.
  • The different Islands each have a different look and completing them gives players a real sense of accomplishment.
  • Cute looking animals and fun animations make this a cute game for younger players, as well as feminine players.
  • Feeding hungry friends with huge amounts of food over and over again is good fun and the more CalPS that you can deliver, the more addictive it becomes.


  • Might not appeal to those that are looking for a more of challenging game, as this is a fairly easy game.
  • Gameplay might become repetitive for some people after a little while.

All-in-all, Hamster Islands is a cute, fun game that gives players a lot to do, but a lot of it is quite similar. For players that are looking for something that's easy to play, good fun and easy on the eye, Hamster Islands should suffice. It's good-natured fun, and will appeal to all ages, without stressing people out with any complicated gameplay or anything like that.

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