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10 Billion Husbands is an Android game that puts players in charge of finding as many husbands as they possibly can and to keep on marrying different types of husband. The game gives players "love per second" which can be used in order to level up your existing types of husbands, as well as go towards unlocking new types of husbands as well. There is also a parallel game called 10 Billion Wives as well. The end goal appears to be to unlock all of the many different types of husbands that the game has to offer, as well as click away furiously to keep the LPS (love per second) coming in thick and fast.

There are two versions of this game, both of which are free downloads from the Play Store. One of which is 10 Billion Husbands and the other is 10 Billion Wives. We've been looking exclusively at the 10 Billion Husbands game, but 10 Billion Wives should play similarly. Once players have downloaded the game from the Play Store, the game will give them an introduction of sorts to the overall gameplay.

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This introduction takes players through how to use the UI, as well how to unlock and level up their different husbands too.

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Each time you tap on the display and see the hearts appear around your fingertips, this is you submitting your marriage registration which some will find amusing, but in reality it serves as a simple way to try and reach that lofty goal of marrying 10 Billion Husbands. When you have enough LPS, you can choose a new husband from the list, which will have an amusing avatar and funny, ironic generic title to it.


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The more of these different types of husbands that you have moving around in the background, the more LPS you'll bring in, and the more future husbands you'll be able to unlock. There's a lot of these future husbands, and some of them will take a long, long time to unlock. Which is just as well, as this appears to be the end goal of the game overall.

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Users can also level up their existing husband times, which further increases the amount of LPS they get each time they submit a Marriage Registration by clicking away furiously.

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As players keep on moving through the game, they'll be able to complete and unlock achievements, which is a nice addition for a game like this.


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10 Billion Husbands is a free game, but everyone needs to make money somehow, and with this, users can choose to purchase more Husbandplus, which is an item that improves your LPS.

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On top of this however, there are some ads, including ads for other games from the same developer, which aren't too annoying we suppose.

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One ad that does get in the way a little bit is on the screen that people will be using to check up on their ever-increasing totals. The statistics page of the app is great fun, but there's a huge ad placed there, unfortunately.


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After spending some time with 10 Billion Husbands I can understand its attraction, as well as the reasons why some players won't like it. Overall however, it's a good bit of fun that doesn't ask too much of its players and doesn't take anything too seriously. Clearly, there is a lot of Japanese influence here, and that's a good thing, as it will appear different from other games that are available here in the West throughout the Play Store. The anime avatars look good and the whole game has that sort of strange Japanese humor vibe to it, with will impress a lot of people, and certainly bought a smile to my face. The overall mechanic of simply clicking perpetually however, is less than impressive, and I found that there wasn't really that much depth to it, but it is very addictive nonetheless. I didn't care much for the notifications, which effectively kept the game running in the background all of the time, but other than a few niggles here and there, 10 Billion Husbands is a good bit of fun.


  • Speed (3.5/5) – One thing I did want to see an improvement with was the overall speed of the game, as it would sometimes struggle with the huge amount of LPS that I was accumulating.
  • Theme (4/5) – I enjoyed the fun anime graphics and the overall look and feel of 10 Billion Husbands will appeal to anime fans as well as those in the mood for something different regardless of their tastes.
  • Features (4/5) – Gameplay might feel a little thin on the ground at first, but there's more than enough to keep casual gamers hooked, and it is quite addictive.
  • Overall (4/5) – While no masterpiece, 10 Billion Husbands looks good, runs well and doesn't ask too much of its players, making for an addictive game that's great for casual gamers and everyone else as well.


  • Looks good with some interesting music and sound effects, as well as fun anime graphics.
  • Doesn't bog down players with complicated controls or anything like that, it's just nice and easy to play and works really well, too.
  • Fun clicking game mechanic will keep players hooked and give some players a slight addiction, too.
  • Classic gameplay is the sort of thing that will appeal to casual gamers and those looking for a breath of fresh air.


  • Might not satisfy those looking for more in-depth game mechanics and such.
  • Needed to run a little quicker, as it would stutter under multiple taps and high numbers of LPS.

All-in-all, 10 Billion Husbands is a fun game that doesn't try too hard, and doesn't ask too much of its users. It's addictive, it looks good, and is a little bit of fun. It's not too serious, there's an opposite version with women in it and while it might not be to everyone's tastes, it has a lot going for it and should put a smile on most people's faces.

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