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Snot & Fluff is an Android app that houses a fun and engaging kids' story book. It's a tale of Snot & Fluff, two unlikely friends that end up embarking on an unlikely journey to space, in their own different ways to reunite with each other. Designed for kids aged 4 to 10, Snot & Fluff is the sort of app that parents can use instead of handing their little ones a TV show or movie to show. Fully-voiced with text, interactive storyboards, great graphics, imaginative characters and lots of great sound effects, Snot & Fluff is a great story app for kids. Snot & Fluff features 40 different hand-drawn, animated and interactive storyboards, over 400 different sounds, 35-minute long soundtrack, 88 secret stars to collect and bucket loads of charm. Available not just in English, but also Chinese, Polish, Russian and Spanish, this looks like a great bedtime story or just a way to entertain the little ones in a classic and interactive manner.

There are two different versions of Snot & Fluff to download, a "Lite" version as well as a paid version. While the latter might be considered pricey by some, it does include all of what's listed above, and there are no ads or in-app purchases. Once users have downloaded the game, they'll be greeted to the high-quality animations and hand-drawn illustrations right away.

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The storyboards that children will encounter are all interactive, some more than others, but there's always something going on. This is the very definition of a modern book, as there's no static artwork or lack of sound going on here. Instead, Snot & Fluff offers readers the option to move their device side-to-side to see more of the scene, as well as touch the different creatures and surrounding objects to find and collect the 88 golden stars included for kids.

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The story gives all ages of children something to look forward to. While Snot & Fluff is designed for children ages 4 to 10, the story gives all children a chance to enjoy the story. All of the storyboards feature professionally-voiced narration, but a lot of the boards also feature quality text that's easy to read and to follow for children with good reading skills, as well as for parents to read along with their little ones.


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The story in questions sees Snot and Fluff, two friends, getting separated on their individual stories in space. Snot made his way to space on a comet, but he forgets to tell Fluff where he's going.

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Fluff, bless his soul, is then left to figure out how he can get to space in order to join Snot. This is pretty amusing, as it's the sort of construction of a rocket that could only happen in a children's story like this one.

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During their time in space, they come across different characters, such as the space pirates as well as the green aliens and such. Their adventure is quite endearing, and the fact that parents and children can follow along together on their tablets or smartphones is great, too.


Snot and Fluff Alience

The great soundtrack and professionally-voiced narration is great and all, but the real star of the show here is the overall presentation and artwork. The illustrations here are gorgeous, and while one could say that this style of artwork might be a little "out there" for some of the younger readers of Snot & Fluff, it's imaginative, creative and crazy all at the same time. All of the things that you need for a kids story book like this.

Snot and Fluff Characters


With Android smartphones and tablets bot super-versatile and easy-to-use, there's a lot of content available for kids out there on these devices. The problem with a lot of it however, is that it's just sitting your little ones in front of more moving pictures, putting them in front of another televeision which can dull their imagines, rather than spark them. Snot & Fluff is the exact opposite of this, the characters are crazy and cool, the professional voiceovers are great, and the artwork and illustrations are unique, too. All of this is presented in an interactive story, taking kids aged 4 – 10 along with the two unlikely friends to space and helping them reunite. Instead of another movie or TV show, Snot & Fluff is an app that gives kids the opportunity of interacting with and immersing themselves in a story that they wouldn't otherwise have the chance to spend time with. It's good-looking, it runs well and the secret stars even add a little bit of a gaming element to the whole party.


  • Speed (4/5) – Snot & Fluff runs well, and is nice and smooth, including all of the animations and such.
  • Theme (5/5) – The graphics and artwork in Snot & Fluff are absolutely stunning and everything looks great. It sounds great as well, thanks to some professional voice work as well as an excellent and atmospheric soundtrack.
  • Features (4/5) – While there will be some out there that will no doubt want something a little more to do, Snot & Fluff has more than enough on offer for readers to get excited about. It's a great story, with great characters and a great feel to it.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – Snot & Fluff is the sort of story that ticks many of the right boxes, it has a great look and feel to it and what every kids story needs to have; charm. It might be a little confusing for some people, but it's a great story no matter how old your little ones are, and it gives parents the opportunity to let them explore or to read along with them, too.


  • High-quality artwork helps to bring the crazy setting and story of Snot & Fluff to life.
  • Gives readers a lot to like about the two main characters, including some in-depth artwork to help sell emotions and feelings to even the youngest children reading along.
  • Mixture of full text and professionally-voiced storyboards helps mix things up and keep on reminding kids that this is a modern story, but a storybook at heart.
  • High level of interaction for kids that want to look around the different storyboards and become more familiar with the overall settings and story.


  • Might not have enough going on for older or more impatient kids out there, if you don't like stories, you might not like this.
  • Some sort of mini-game beyond collecting stars would help to break the story up as well as further keep little ones engaged.

Despite some minor hiccups here and there, Snot & Fluff is one of the best storybooks available in the Play Store right now. It has excellent artwork that looks gorgeous and offers kids a spark to their imagination that they might not get from watching yet another movies of Netflix kids. With a great soundtrack as well as an excellent voiceover to boot, Snot & Fluff is an imaginative and fun story that gives players a lot to interact with as well. Worth taking a look at, this is one story that your little ones might not ever forget.

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